Amazon Jungle Pipeline Rupture

Ecuador’s second largest oil pipeline, OCP, ruptured releasing heavy crude into the Santa Rosa River in the Amazon jungle. The country’s rainforest contain some of the most bio-diverse ecosystems and also inhabited by several indigenous communities who rely on the Amazon for their survival.

Realizing the importance and severity of the rupture and spill, clean-up efforts were implemented almost immediately. Lamor was contacted and subsequently sent pumps, power packs and portable skimmers to the remote area of the spill deep in the rainforest.

Ecuador relies heavily on its natural resources (oil and gas) as a source of state income, thus requirements for spill safety in extraction and transportation is a high priority to maintain the fragile environment of the Amazon region.

“We assessed carefully the situation coupled with which equipment could be deployed to the remote area along the Santa Rosa River where the rupture occurred. Moreover, we had to consider how best to efficiently and effectively contain the heavy crude and begin clean-up efforts,” says Rasmus Guldbrand, Regional Manager -Americas, Lamor Corporation.

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