An effective and efficient offshore oil spill response solution

Lamor Corporation has developed a unique seaborne solution to oil spill response, which significantly improves combating offshore oil spills and ensures environmental protection. The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has adopted and implemented two oil spill response contracts managed by Lamor Corporation, thus encompassing a successful example of private-public partnership working in unison.

Lamor’s solution is effective and efficient in oil spill clean-up operations and moreover, is a financially beneficial option for clients. For example, selected tankers are pre-fitted so that in case of an accident, a side-sweeping oil collector, LSC Lamor Side Collector, is rapidly assembled to their sides, thus converting them into oil spill response vessels. In addition to oil recovery skimmers, the vessels are also equipped with Lamor heavy duty oil booms.

The Lamor Response Team (LRT) is deployed to the site to support the installation and clean-up operations. This ensures that the oil spill response tanker is operational at the scene of the incident within 15 hours.

EMSA adopted the solution that covers the Baltic Sea area from Denmark and Finland and a second contract covering the southern Atlantic coast region. In addition to the service contracts, Lamor has also delivered oil spill response equipment to EMSA contractors on the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and to an icebreaker operating in the northern Baltic Sea.

CEO Fred Larsen commented: “Besides innovative solutions, one needs expertise, experience and knowledge to operate effectively in any environment and climate globally, and thus we are proud to offer this option as part of our service portfolio. Combating offshore oil spills coupled with the protection of our ecosystems is crucial and requires efficiency that is focused and effective no matter where the incident occurs. Moreover, contingency plans, equipment and trained professionals need to be ready to deploy and respond instantly. We deploy our LRT to support oil spill clean-up operations.”

A major benefit for the use of oil tankers is that they have a huge capacity for recovering spilled oil and they can operate in very severe weather conditions – speed in collection of oil in case of an accident is crucial. The Lamor solution reduces financial commitments significantly since tankers are certified in the normal oil transport and bunkering business and can be converted and deployed in case of an oil spill.

Moreover, this concept does not require extra capacity and is a cheaper solution with nominal costs by comparison for equipping and pre-fitting a tanker into an oil spill response vessel versus the costs of building a specific oil spill response vessel or dedicating a vessel to be on full standby readiness and preparedness.

In the spring 2011, Lamor will complete its seventh delivery of oil spill response equipment to EMSA for an oil tanker operating out of Cyprus. The tanker M/T Alexandria is fitted with stiff sweeps, a Lamor Free Floating skimmer (LFF 100) coupled with 500m of Lamor Heavy Duty oil booms.