Increasing Lamor’s presence in Oman

Lamor Oman continues to strengthen its operations in the Sultanate of Oman and provides further services to local clients. The past year witnessed another successful year for Lamor Oman with a further diversification of services and additional oil spill response equipment set up within their Oil Spill Response Bases. Although a relatively quiet year compared to 2009 with regards to oil spill emergency call outs, Lamor Oman set about carrying out a range of services from Tank Cleaning to Hazardous Material handling and transfer. This was largely due to two factors:

1.) the close cooperation Lamor has with the Omani Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs which resulted in the successful award of the Hazardous Materials Handling License. The renewed license with the broader scope allowed Lamor Oman to offer additional services within Oman.

2.) the whole Lamor Oman team conducting and completing a rigorous confined space entry and confined space rescue courses. This enabled the company to demonstrate that it was versatile and flexible enough to adapt in order to meet the requirements of the local market.

Particular milestones included: 1) transferring 10,000 mᵌ of thick crude oil from Oman to the Kingdom of Bahrain. An operation which could only be carried out by the Lamor GTA50’s due to the viscosity of the oil and required manpower, 15 trucks and 2 vessels. This operation was carried out in record time due to careful and meticulous planning and execution by the team.

As well as the new services offered, Lamor Oman still responded to a number of oil spills throughout Oman and provided several training sessions on Oil Spill Response, Hazardous Waste Management, Confined Space Entry coupled with Health and Safety both in class and two field emergency response drills.

The Lamor Oman team continued its Risk Assessment training and Contingency Planning to update procedures for most of its clients in Oman.

The key to the company’s success has been the close communication within the whole of the Lamor Corporation particularly linking in with the Lamor Middle East team who has been able to provide support in the form of expertise and equipment when required. Another contributing factor was that the Lamor Oman team was also able to rely on the fast delivery of new equipment required by its clients resulting in the continued positive reputation Lamor Corporation has in the region as a global oil clean-up and response provider.

In Oman Lamor has proved that it is more than just an equipment manufacturer and is able to offer not only a range of oil spill response services and solutions…but a lot more!