Lamor Does More – Services Offered

Lamor is well known as being an oil spill clean-up equipment manufacturer but over the years in response to client’s requirements it has increasingly been providing a range of other services and solutions and has built up a wealth of experience and expertise in these fields. Lamor have always been driven to accommodate the needs and demands of the end user and as such can provide the following add on and related services to its oil spill response equipment sales:

Oil Spill Response Services

Oil Spill Response Services can range from qualified personnel assisting with incident command and clean-up of the incident. The Lamor Response Team (LRT) has grown significantly in size over the years and the recent response to the Gulf of Mexico showed its range, capabilities and flexibility at its best coupled with in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Contingency Planning and Risk Assessment

As part of any oil spill response plan a good contingency and risk assessment plan forms the backbone of successfully tackling incidents efficiently. Within the Lamor team there are countless numbers of experts who have a vast global experience in Oil Spill Response and Contingency Planning and as a result have been called in to either implement or review plans and procedures providing insight into use of best available technology (BAT) and solutions to incidents


Lamor always provides intensive training when it supplies equipment but Lamor is also recognized as an IMO certified Training Center and has for several years provided the complete range of IMO Oil Spill Response courses. In addition to this within the team there are qualified HAZWHOPPER and Confined Space Trainers as well as Health and Safety experts.

Maintenance and Service

Lamor continues to check and service equipment supplied to ensure that it is in Oil Spill Response ready condition. In 2011, Lamor Corporation will launch a full turn-key maintenance program for after sales services. The Maintenance program provides clients with:

• Planned Preventive Maintenance Procedure for each product supplied by Lamor.
• Month/Quarterly/Annual work Schedule
• Individual serial codes for each product supplied by Lamor.
• Web based work orders
• Simple data entry
• Machine Register
• Spare Parts register
• Failure Notice for unexpected equipment failures
• Individual client folders, where the client has only access to their specific equipment

Lamor continues to invest heavily in research and development and strives to be at the forefront of the oil spill response and recovery business. Moreover, the company seeks to provide its clients the best solutions to tackle, contain and recover incidents.

For further information please contact your regional manager.

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