Lamor onboard new generation Russian salvage ship

In late 2008 Russia’s Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transportation announced the major renewal of its aging multi-purpose salvage ships for the State Marine Rescue Service of Russia (Gosmorspassluzhba). The overall ambitious project set a delivery time between 2010-2015 which included the procurement of over 50 new vessels, launches and icebreakers. Fourteen Russian and one German shipyard were in the bidding.

The initiative and vision for revamping the entire Russian multi-purpose salvage ships came from Vladimir Karev, the former director of the State Marine Rescue Service of Russia. On November 23, the first vessel was delivered by the Nevsky Shipbuilding-Shiprepair in Schlisselburg on the Neva River close to Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The new multi-purpose vessel, Salvager Karev, was named appropriately after the former director, who had the foresight and drive to see a need and urgency for a new modern fleet to support and protect the public and environment.

The Salvager Karev (project name MPSV07), is a state-of-the-art seagoing multifunction 4 MWt diesel-electric salvage vessel with high ice class destined for operations in the Black Sea, Azov Sea and Caspian Sea. The vessel is equipped with Lamor’s OSR equipment. With its cutting edge OSR technology, Lamor became a clear winner in the tender on OSR equipment.

“We delivered a wide and diversified range of Lamor equipment that included among others two sets of vessel mounted Lamor Side Collector oil recovery systems, telescopic jib arms, the Lamor Weir Skimmer, Lamor FOB and HDB booms, hydraulic power packs (Lamor LPP80), oil transfer pumps (GTA50), compensators on pressure line between pump and vessel oil transfer pipeline and more,” says Nikolai Kildishov, Vice-President, Lamor Russia & CIS.

The ambitious Russian program includes over 50 new vessels, and Lamor plans to offer its vast portfolio of equipment for oil spill clean-up and recovery solutions. “Our quality meets the requirements of such major projects, and more importantly we have the knowledge, expertise and advanced oil spill solutions coupled with our flexible services to best serve the State Marine Rescue Service of Russia. Moreover, we will be able to deliver pending negotiations,” says Juri Tubashov, Export Director, Lamor Russia & CIS.