Lamor Vessel Mounted Oil Recovery Systems – unsurpassed proven efficiency

The Lamor Vessel Mounted Advancing Oil Recovery Systems are based on the proven chain brush conveyor technology that offers the highest possible performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations. Deployment of the recovery system makes the entire vessel an “oil slick processing system”.

Lamor’s COO, Rune Högström explains: “The most typical configurations are Bow Mounted, Over the Side of the vessel, Built-In to the vessel hull or between the Catamaran hulls mounted recovery systems. What makes our equipment unique is that the system can be installed on a vessel without significant modification to the hull steel construction which reduces conversion costs and enables the vessel to be used for other activities until needed for an oil spill recovery operation.”

A great deal of attention has been paid to speed and safety aspects during operation, and hence the system deployment is semi-automated as far as possible. “The recovery system has to be deployed and retrieved repeatedly during a full scale operation, in order to transit and offload recovered oil. That said, our systems enable safety in operations that are conducted at night and in difficult weather and sea conditions. The Lamor advancing skimming systems operate efficiently at vessel speed up to 2.5 to 4 knots, which results in excellent maneuverability and very high oil encounter rate,” says Högström.

The Lamor oil recovery systems can be applied to various sizes of workboats and vessels ranging from 7 m to more than 100 m long, and each system is tailor-made and designed by Lamor’s design engineers to fit the specific vessel in question in the most efficient and cost effective way.

“Maximized safety of use has been gained by using automatic or semi-automatic deployment of the skimmers and other relevant equipment including the sweep booms from reels, automatic boom outrigger arms, skimmer lifting/lowering from storage to skimming position,” Högström highlights.

The recovery system is designed with a forward facing brush conveyor type oil recovery system with certified recovery capacities ranging from 30 m³/h to 400 m³/h (per one skimmer unit/vessel side), depending on the system size and design.

Högström states: “The heavy duty brush conveyor system will recover all types of oil, including extremely high viscosity crude oil emulsion, while recovering very little free water. Moreover, it is unaffected by the presence of small floating debris, slush and small ice pieces or sea weed, which can block other type of skimmers.”

Essential Benefits of the Lamor System:

- Safe to deploy, only one (max 3, depending on the installation) person required to control the deployment
- No – or minimum – manual work required; all controls from hydraulic control valve or remote control
- Ready to use rapid deployment, deployment time: ca. 10 minutes
- Minimal interruption of vessel’s other main operations
- Less than 5 % free water in recovered oil makes maximum use of valuable storage volume
- Mechanical parts Safe for EX zone 0, electric components Zone 1
- In use from tropical to arctic climate. Possible to arrange heating to all equipment of the system
- Easy to maneuver with the ship with minimal coordination required, therefore minimal workload on the bridge, thus increasing safety
- Easy to maneuver in high currents and high waves, up to 2.5m significant, in swells even higher.
- Brush belt recovery range: light to bitumen products
- Regularly drills can be held for the crew to maintain their skills; equipment is always ready to use and on place.
- Minimal maintenance cost
- Proven technology. Installed on 496 vessels and work boats around the world

Due to the capacity, safety and user friendliness, the Lamor vessel mounted Oil Recovery Systems are approved by customers and have been used in multiple oil recovery operations worldwide. “Our support will follow through the whole project, design, supervision, training, and after sales service,” Högström guarantees.

Caption – HALLI:
Finland’s largest oil spill response vessel M/S Halli (61.5 m) is equipped with Lamor in-built oil recovery skimmers and Lamor oil recovery bucket. The M/S Halli was deployed for the clean-up efforts off the northern coast of Estonia from the sinking of the Runner 4 that lay 70m beneath the water surface. The Dominican-registered ship collided with a Russian ice-breaker and was carrying an estimated 100 tons of heavy fuel oil and 35 tons of light fuel oil.