Norwegian Oil Spill 2011

Lamor’s equipment is long-lasting, efficient and reliable. On February 17, 2011 the Icelandic container ship M/S Godafoss, en route to Denmark, grounded off the southern coast of Norway threatening the Ytre Hvaler National Park. The ship was carrying approx. 800 tons heavy fuel oil and approx. 440 containers onboard.

The Swedish Coast Guard and Norwegian Coast Guard were alerted that approx. 200 tons of heavy fuel oil (IFO 380) had spilled into the freezing waters threatening the entire eco-system of the national park. The three oil recovery vessels from the Swedish Coast Guard (KBV 050, KBV 051 and KBV 001) were deployed to the scene equipped with in-built Lamor Oil Recovery Systems (LORS).

The LORS equipment consisted of twin side built in stiff brush system, an oil recovery bucket, a free floating offshore skimmer with umbilical hose. Lamor had also installed on the vessels a Lamor free floating skimmer, a Lamor Weir skimmer with brush adapter and oil transfer pumps GTA 115.

KBV 001 Poseidon is equipped with Lamor’s newest and most advanced oil recovery systems that effectively collect and recover oil at speeds of up to 4 knots. KBV 050 and KBV 051, built in the 1980s, proved to be reliable and effective in supporting the demanding clean-up operations in the icy conditions.

During the oil recovery collection, the challenge was the freezing temperature which solidified the oil immediately. However, this obstacle was overcome due to the heated brush cleaner on the Lamor skimmers and precautionary heating set-up from skimmer to collection tanks.

The Swedish Coast Guard is continuously updated and trained in the use and operation of Lamor’s oil recovery equipment. A total of 110mᵌ of IFO 380 heavy fuel oil spilled was collected of which approx. 60mᵌ was collected from the open sea by the three Swedish Coast Guard vessels on scene.