Norwegian Coast Guard acquires Lamor OSR equipment

The Norwegian Coast Guard (Kystverket) awarded a tender to Lamor for a built-in oil recovery system for their new-build multi-purpose oil recovery vessel (Project nameFMV33). The OSR equipment, LORS-D 4C/M, has an oil recovery capacity of 240 mᵌ/hr and comprises telescopic jibs, sweep booms, remote control as well as Lamor GT A 50 oil transfer pumps.

“The Norwegian Coast Guard is taking proactive steps to enhance their preparedness for possible oil spill incidents. The installation of our oil recovery system on their new-build FMV33 multi-purpose oil recovery vessel is a most welcome milestone for Lamor in a series of oil spill response equipment deliveries to Norway,” says Christoffer Wallgren, Lamor’s Regional Manager Europe.

Moreover, in mid-June, 2011 Lamor signed an agreement with the Norwegian Coast Guard for additional OSR equipment. The scope of supply consists of 15 sets of Lamor Weir Skimmers (LWS 500), coupled with brush and disc adaptors as well as Lamor GT A 30 oil transfer pumps. The Lamor brush adaptor enhances the weir skimmers capabilities to recover heavy viscous oils and the disc adaptor increases the recovery capacities of light oils resulting in recovery of all oil consistencies and characteristics. Additionally, 16pcs LIP 400 pump systems including the Peristaltic Hose pump LIP 400 pump and power-pack LPP 7HA/B8 as well as 19pcs custom-made LPP 35 diesel driven hydraulic power-packs were supplied.

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