Jury at Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE Nominates Winner

Porvoo, Finland (October 12, 2011) –  Close to 400 companies entered the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE, and from these entries the judging panel selected Lamor as one of the top ten finalists.  On October 11, the results of the rigorous testing procedures at Ohmsett were publicized and award ceremonies took place in New York.  Lamor placed sixth when overall data was compiled, Team Elastec won the grand purse of US$1 million and the runners-up were awarded US$300,000.

The ten finalists began on July 22 their testing at Ohmsett, The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility in Leonardo, NJ, which has the largest outdoor saltwater wave/tow facility in North America.

“Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is! I want to thank the Wendy Schmidt X CHALLENGE for providing the inspiration for us to demonstrate, in a competitive arena, what we do best; tackling oil spill cleanup operations. Moreover, I want to thank Ohmsett for providing the venue with their amazing testing facilities here in New Jersey. That said, Team Lamor is proud to have been part in this Challenge, and we are equally proud and privileged to have gotten to know personally the other teams involved. The teams certainly demonstrated excellent team spirit coupled with equipment,” says Team Lamor Leader, Jari Ahoranta.

“We entered this X Prize Challenge with a continued focus on our long-term research and development goals, now known as Lamor’s “Next Generation” recovery systems and did not deter from this goal to solely design a system for this competition.   Our R&D goal is to enhance our proven heavy oil recovery system to also be effective in light oils, which we have proven within this Challenge as well,” Ahoranta continues.

“Collectively we need to continue to invest in and develop new and effective oil spill clean-up equipment, services and training. Corporations and governments need to have transparent dialogue and prepare for the worst case scenario to minimize the long lasting impacts of oil spills on the environment and eco-systems,” he says.

It is common knowledge that once oil spill incidents at sea occur, the oil changes and is affected by the weather conditions and sun. “What we have achieved in these tests is only part of the solution. Oil becomes thicker and more viscous when exposed to the elements at

sea and moreover, waves create an additional toss and spin to the spilled oil that eventually solidifies into tar balls. We need to continue to develop technologically advanced solutions; we are responsible to ensure that we can provide the best available technology to support oil spill clean-ups around the world. In April 2012, we will be back at Ohmsett to test our Next Generation Skimmers.”

“At Lamor, we have developed our expertise to tackle these accidents in any scenario and on any terrain. New oil deposits are being explored in more difficult conditions such as the Arctic Ocean and deep offshore, e.g. Brazil. Again, I encourage everyone involved in this business to focus on the trends and invest in solutions that will reduce long-term impacts of oil spills. Let us continue to unlock and release our full potential and do what we do best! Future generations depend on us,” Ahoranta concludes.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Jari Ahoranta, Strategic R & D Manager, Lamor Corporation, tel: +358 40 730 0637, jari.ahoranta@lamor.com



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