Tomorrow’s Multipurpose Icebreaker Today – sideway ice crushing with OSR equipment

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard is currently constructing the world’s most advanced and innovative icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel for the Russian Ministry of Transport. The patented icebreaking solution, ARC 100 concept, which has been developed by Aker Arctic Technology for Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, features the oblique (sideway) design with an asymmetric hull and three Steerprop pulling azimuth* propulsors** that allow the vessel to maneuver effectively in all directions.

Arctech, a joint venture between STX Finland and United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), Russia, signed the approx. EUR 76 million ship building contract with the Russian Ministry of Transport in November 2011. The hull of the vessel is being built by Yantar Shipyard (a USC company) in Kaliningrad, Russia and will be transported to Finland for outfitting, finalizing, optimization and commissioning by Arctech in Helsinki with delivery scheduled for late 2013. The hull form of NB 508 has an unique design and can proceed in 1.0 meter thick ice ahead and astern. In the oblique mode NB 508 will be able to forge a 50 meter wide icechannel in 0,6 meter thick ice. Moreover, the oil recovery sweeping width has a 50 meter reach. The electric power plant onboard consists of three main diesel generator sets with a total power of 9.0 MW.

Obliquely break the ice and uniquely catch the oil

“There is demand for innovative icebreaking vessels in the Russian market. This rescue vessel represents a totally new technology, which enables its versatile use in the Gulf of Finland and it is designed in accordance with the highest international and Russian requirements and standards,” highlights Esko Mustamäki, Managing Director, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. “Oil combat in ice conditions is one of the major challenges for the international oil industry. After many years of development work, the oblique (sideway) icebreaker concept represents a breakthrough approach for the solution. The design of this next generation icebreaker is based on our ARC 100 concept which was developed specifically for Arctech Helsinki Shipyard. Drilling permits in the Arctic region will only be granted if multipurpose OSR equipped vessels and actionable contingency plans are in place to ensure rapid mobilization and response to any incident,” says Mikko Niini, Managing Director Aker Arctic Technologies Inc. The new vessel is equipped with a helideck suitable to manage a Kamov Ka 32 helicopter and a workboat for oil boom handling. Moreover, NB 508 has a knuckle boom type offshore crane (25 tons) for moving loads and handling of the workboat. “The NB 508 is intended for icebreaking, emergency and rescue operations coupled with OSR tasks. The advanced Lamor inbuilt oil recovery system (LORS) is suitable for operations in heavy seas. The vertical side of the hull is utilized as a sweep arm, and when the vessel moves forward obliquely (sideways) through oil spills, the oily water is guided through a hull hatch to the brush skimmers and tank compartment,” says Lamor’s Project Manager, Lars Snellman.