Maximize your efficiency with the new modular Lamor Minimax 25 skimmer

Introducing the next generation lightweight modular skimmer, Lamor Minimax 25 (LMM 25), that is easily transportable, assembled and rapidly deployed. The LMM 25 is the ultimate high performance skimmer that can be used in multiple scenarios and in remote environments that are not easily accessible.
The LMM 25 can be configured with additional units (1—4) with a capacity ranging from 25—100 m³/h utilizing a docking station for highly advanced performance in oil spill response operations.
The new skimmer unit can be used as a suction skimmer or combined with a transfer pump. It is a low maintenance and user friendly skimmer that can be lifted by one person and can be connected to most other hydraulic and vacuum units without any tools. The LMM 25 module is equipped with brush wheels and its frame and floatation is very durable.
Fully tested and vetted at Ohmsett with certified capacities, the LMM 25 has a 100% oil recovery rate in all types of oil from light to heavy viscous oils. The skimmer head can be adjusted to varying oil grades and conditions.