Lamor On Scene

2011 Norway, Ytre Hvaler National Park:
Container ship grounded, Lamor oil spill recovery equipment installed on Swedish Coast Guard’s vessels were used
2010 USA, Gulf of Mexico:
Supported the Vessel of Opportunity (fishing and other vessels) program, major supplier of oil spill response equipment, coordination of staging areas
Estonia, Tallinn:
Emergency landing on frozen lake threatened capital’s water reservoir, On scene commander & oil spill response
China, Dalian:
Pipeline explosion and oil tank burned in harbor area, Oil spill management & response
China, Hong Kong:
Cargo ship grounded, Oil spill management & response
USA, Michigan
River spill, Oil spill response
2009 Australia, Montara oil rig
Oil rig explosion, Oil spill response equipment was used
Ecuador, Amazonas oil spill
Oil spill management & response
2008 Russia, Koroleov:
Land spill, Oil spill coordinator for Emercom
2007 Russia, Nefteyugansk:
Pipeline and river oil spill, Oil spill operator
Russia, Black Sea:
Sunken ship spill, heavy emulsified oil, Oil spill management
Pond cleaning, On scene commander
Ship collision, heavy oil spill offshore and shoreline, Surveyor
2006 Russia, Tomskneft:
Pipeline and river oil spill, Oil spill operator
Refinery pond cleaning, Oil spill management
Estonia, Gulf of Finland:
Sunken ship spill, oil in ice, On scene commander
USA, Alaska:
Pipeline land spill, Pump operation and surveyor
2005 Turkey:
Pipeline spill in fresh water lake, Oil spill operator
Russia, St. Petersburg:
Port spill during winter, Arctic skimmer, Oil spill management
2004 Kazakhstan, Aktau:
Tanker oil spill in port, Oil spill management
Russia, Volga:
Tanker explosion oil spill, Oil spill management
2003 Finland, Naantali:
Diesel oil spill in port, Oil spill commander
2002 Spain, La Coruna:
Prestige offshore and coastal oil spill catastrophe, Oil spill coordinator
Ship collision, Offshore equipment and oil spill operator
Lithuania, Butinge terminal SPM:
Offshore oil spill, Offshore operation, Oil Spill management
2001 Russia, Nizhnevartovsk, February 2001:
Pipeline spill, heavy oil in ice, Oil spill operator
Russia, Nizhnevartovsk, March 2001:
Pipeline spill, heavy oil in ice, Oil spill operator
Estonia, Tallinn, Muuga harbor:
On scene commander, Alambra tanker port spill, heavy Mazut oil, On scene commander
2000 Russia,
Co-ordination and supervision of pre-rescue works in Siberia
Russia, Nefteyugansk:
River oil spill, Captain of four Oil away vessels for Yukos
Russia, Noyabrsk:
Land oil spill during winter conditions with oil in ice,  Oil spill coordinator
1996 Russia, Surgut, Nefteyugansk:
Oil in ice oil recovery operations and spill management
1995 Estonia, Tallinn, Muuga harbor:
On scene commander, Training ship Artzamas
1991 Saudi Arabia & Kuwait, (post-Gulf War):
Supervision and guidance of oil spill clean-up operations during extreme circumstances