Lamor Products

Lamor continuously invests in its products and solutions, i.e. oil spill response (OSR) technology. Lamor has in-depth expertise and knowledge in oil spill clean-up operations, which includes the use of best available technology (BAT). Investments in R&D are pivotal for effective and efficient oil spill scenarios.

Lamor oil spill clean-up products can be used anywhere and anytime, no matter what terrain and climate (arctic, desert, offshore etc.). The products are long-lasting, easy to use and with low maintenance and service requirements.

Lamor’s product portfolio range includes several hundred various sizes, capacities and functions. Please click on the list above to review some of Lamor’s preferred package solutions. Moreover, Lamor’s product portfolio includes not only products, but training, contingency planning, service and maintenance, Lamor Response Team (LRT), etc.

Please contact Lamor to identify the ideal solution pending your needs and requirements.