Lamor Landing Craft (LLC)

6500/7500/9000 Cabin and 10000 Cabin

The main group of the Lamor workboats made of seawater resistant aluminum comprises the low draft LLC design, with a self-draining deck and ranging in length from 6.5m-10.5m. The customer can specify engine type and drive; outboard, stern drive or water jet with diesel or gasoline engines.TheL LLC features a bow ramp for easy access to open deck layout enabling effortless cargo handling. They are tailored to meet the demand for tough, reliable and rapid work boats that meet customers’ demanding and multi-task requirements. The low draft V-shaped hull ensures that the LLC handles extremely well even in rough seas. It is an ideal choice for boom handling operations and operates efficiently in oil spill response operations equipped with a Lamor Bow Collector. In addition to the standard features of the vessel range, the LLC with Cabin is equipped with a weather proof cabin fitted out with high quality components. The LLC Cabin is supplied with a wide range of standard equipment including hydraulic steering, navigation lights, bilge pump, mooring equipment etc.
Standard equipment include shore power supply, engine block heater and standard equipment in accordance with the Finnish Maritime Association (FMA) certification.


Technical Specifications

A few examples of Lamors product range

(Prod. code # 12A02)

Landing Craft LLC 6500 Outboard LLC 7500 Cabin Stern Drive LLC 9000 Cabin Stern Drive LLC 10000 Cabin Stern Drive
Length, mm 6500 7500 9000 10000
Width, mm 2360 2600 3100 3000
Draft (with engine), mm 700 900 800 1000
Weight, kg 1500 2300 3200 5100
Carrying capacity, kg 1100 1710 2860 2960
Crew/passengers, persons 6 2/6 6 6
Power, hp 1 x 150 or 2 x 90 1 x 300 1 x 350 or 2 x 200 1 x 350 0r 2 x 200
Design Category C-Inshore C-Inshore C-Inshore C-Inshore