Lamor Multipurpose Oil Recovery Vessel with Ice Class KM✪ICE2 R3

The oil recovery vessel with the built-in oil recovery system LORS on both sides (2 x 20 m3) is usually custom built and designed pending the requirements. In addition to oil recovery, the workboat can also be used as a multipurpose vessel for boom deployment, dispersant spraying, service tasks and as a safety patrol boat.
The vessel has hull mounted brush packs, which enables recovered oil to be delivered directly to the recovered oil storage tanks in the mid-ship without the need of using oil transfer pumps. Another advantage is that the brush conveyors are in direct connection with the oil on the water surface which notably improves the high viscous oil and
debris collection capabilities, but also collecting of light oils in Arctic conditions. Moreover, vessels are built to varying ice class demands and certified by the appropriate authorities in the region the vessel is used. Below is a brief extract of a general specification.
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Technical Specifications

Class RMRS KM✪Ice2 R3
Loa, m 19.0
Boa, m 5.3
Draft, m 1.6
Displacement, tons 93
Deadweight, tons 31
Speed 10 knots
Power, kW 2x330