Lamor Oil Recovery Boat (LORB) 15000

The 15 m long workboat with the built-in oil recovery system LORS on both sides handles recovery of oil and oil related products from near-shore, harbors, rivers, and channel areas while simultaneously cleaning-up small floating debris. The vessel is also ideal as a multipurpose vessel for boom deployment, dispersant spraying, and service tasks as well as a patrol boat.
The work-boat has hull mounted brush packs which enables recovered oil to be delivered directly to the recovered oil storage tanks in the mid ship without the need of using oil transfer pumps. Another advantage is that the brush conveyors are in direct connection with the oil on the water surface, which especially improves the high viscous oil and debris collection capabilities, as well as collecting of light oils. The oil transfer pumps can be separately quoted for off-loading the oil, but can also be adapted to the skimmers e.g. to pump the collected oil to floating storage tanks or to a storage barge.
The vessel is designed with a covered hull built in steel marine grade. It is an even decked, unsinkable type of vessel, where a two compartment sized wheelhouse is located in the bow. An engine room, which is separated as a water resistant department, diesel power plant and shuttle propeller or traditional propeller propulsion installation is located in the stern.
The autonomy of the vessel with a cruising speed is two days. The unsinkable vessel is secured by dividing the
vessel with frame constructions into four water-tight compartments: fore peak, void room, tank for recovered oil and engine room. The vessel remains floating and maintains satisfactory stability during an emergency, if any compartment except for the engine room should fill up with water.
The maneuverability of the vessel is guaranteed by 300 degree turning shuttle propulsion equipment. Wheel- house standard equipment; control panel, ergonomic pilot chair, mini pantry, shower, lockers, toilet, air condition/ defrosting system and optionally 1 – 3 beds. Hull construction drawings are inspected by the Finnish Maritime Ad- ministration, based on the Nordic Boat Standard for work boats.


Technical Specifications

LORB 15000
Length, mm 15000
Width, mm 5000
Weight dry, kg 26000
Draft, mm 2000
Fuel tank capacity, l 3000
Speed 10 knots
Power, hp 350