Lamor Auto Booms (LAB)

The unique design of the LAB makes it possible to store up to 600m on one compact storage reel. As the boom is deployed from the reel it is automatically inflated from a single air source attached to the end of the boom. Upon inflation the patented internal design automatically separates the floatation chambers.
Each Individual buoyancy chamber is isolated. In the event that one air chamber may become damaged or deflated, adjacent chambers will not be affected and will remain inflated. A layer of closed cell foam provides additional floatation for positive reserve buoyancy on each chamber.

Product Section (m) Flat height (mm) Weight (kg/m) Freeboard (mm) Draft (mm) Ballast (kg/m)
Harbor Model 30 800 3.8 305 460 2.5
Offshore Model 30 1090 6 460 640 3.6
Deep Sea Model 30 1630 6.8 610 910 3.6

Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 02A24 – P1562)

Section length, m 30
Freeboard, mm 305–610
Draft, mm 460–910
Total height, mm 800–1630
Weight (total
operational), kg/m
Ballast weight, kg/m 2.5–3.6
Air chamber length, m 3.7
Coating Urethane/
Base fabric Polyester
Inflation pressure, mbar 34

Preferred package solution

Usage Areas



nearshore harbor