Lamor Foam Filled Oil Booms (FOB) 350 – 1500

The FOB is designed to provide a quick and dependable means of oil containment and it is fast to deploy, lightweight, robust and easy to handle. The FOB is well suited for emergency deployment or permanent use in harbors or oil terminals. It is available in sizes varying from 350-1500 mm in total height. The FOB is supplied in 25m sections but can be modified to different section lengths.
The FOB is manufactured using highly visible red PVC coated woven 1100 dtex polyester, which is resistant to the effects of oils and sunlight. Each section incorporates reflectors, supplemented by light pouches and built in chaff for radar detection. The floatation is derived from resilient closed cell foam and a ballast chain is incorporated into the skirt.
The FOB can be supplied in storage racks, allowing sections to be pre-joined ready for rapid deployment or on powered reels holding up to 300m of boom for effortless deployment and recovery.

Product Section (m) Total height (mm) Operational Weight (kg/m) Freeboard (mm) Draft (mm) Ballast (kg/m)
FOB 350/25m 25 350 3.5 150 200 1.9
FOB 500/25m 25 500 3.8 200 300 1.9
FOB 750/25m 25 750 4.2 250 500 1.9
FOB 900/25m 25 900 5.3 300 600 3
FOB 1000/25m 25 1000 5.7 350 650 3
FOB 1200/25m 25 1200 6.2 425 775 3
FOB 1500/25m 25 1500 7.5 500 1000 3

Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 02A01 – P1695)

Section length, m 25
Height, mm 350–1500
Weight (total
operational), kg/m
Freeboard, mm 150–500
Draft, mm 200–1000
Ballast weight, kg/m 1,9–3
Temperature resistance -35...+70 °C
Base fabric 1100 dtex
Fabric Tensile strength 4000 N/5 cm

Preferred package solution

Usage Areas



nearshore harbor