Lamor Inflatable Light Booms (ILB) 500-1200

The ILB is manufactured in high visibility orange PVC coated woven dtex 1100 polyester fabric which is resistant to oils and sunlight. The ILB is available in many different sizes ranging from 500-1200mm high and 25m lengths as standard. Other heights and section lengths are available on request. There are four air chambers and four high quality Monsun XG 1” air valves in each section. A galvanized chain incorporated in the base of the skirt provides ballast. The ILB can be stored on powered winders with capacity for 250m boom enabling rapid deployment and recovery. Alternatively, short sections can be stored in boom bags for easy access. The ILB can be easily deployed from the storage reel by only two operators, typically 250m in 10 – 15 minutes. The ILB boom is easy to clean after deployment with detergents, hot or cold pressure washers, or with the Lamor Boom Washing Machine.


Inflatable Light Booms

Product Section (m) Operational height (mm) Weight (kg/m) Freeboard (mm) Draft (mm) Ballast (kg/m)
ILB 500/25m 25 500 3 230 270 1
ILB 750/25m 25 750 3.5 300 450 1
ILB 1000/25m 25 1000 5.7 300 700 1
ILB 1200/25m 25 1200 6 400 800 1

Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 02A02 – P2066)

Section length, m 25
Height, mm 500–1200
Weight (total
operational), kg/m
Freeboard, mm 230–400
Draft, mm 270–800
Ballast weight, kg/m 1
Temperature resistance -35...+70 °C
Base fabric 1100 dtex
Fabric Tensile strength 4000 N/5 cm
Air chamber length, m 4.85
Valve Monsun G1”

Preferred package solution

Usage Areas


nearshore harbor