Lamor Umbilical Hose Reel (LUT) with Telescopic Crane Arm

Instead of using a separate crane for skimmer deployment, the LUT can be equipped with a telescopic crane arm that can be operated by one person. The telescopic crane arm is built in accordance with NOFO standards that enable deployment even from below deck through the side hatch.
The oil transfer and hydraulic hoses are connected to a manifold at the hub of the reel with pump-through swivel joints to allow the hoses to be energized continuously and at any deployed length.
The LUT is powered by a hydraulic motor with hydraulically released brake. As an option, the reel can be furnished according to requirements of EX proof certificate for Zone I. The swivel has gone through EX testing at the Technical Research Center (VTT) in Finland during a four week period in + 90ºC, humidity 90 % and another test in –40 ºC for 2 days.
Oil transfer and hydraulic hoses can be supplied in various lengths.


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 05B03-P2322)

Length, mm 6057
Width, mm 2700
Height, mm 3465
Light weight, kg 12100
Capacity, m 90
Load at standard reach, kg 1900
Standard reach, m 16.5
Lifting capacity at 40 deg. 3 tons
Rotation 360 deg
Rotation torque, kNm 40
Hydraulic flow, l/min 40
Hydraulic pressure, bar 350