Lamor Arctic Skimmer (LAS)

The LAS s a special purpose oil recovery system designed for operation in extreme cold and ice conditions. The LAS is normally deployed by a crane or davit but can be also used as free floating skimmer utilizing the optional floats when required.
The LAS incorporates static ice deflection pipes and rotating brush wheels for oil separation and collection. The two brush wheels collect and separate the oil from the water, any encountered ice pieces are crushed by the ice crushing screws inside the hopper and these screws also feed the oil to the efficient built-in Lamor GT A Positive Displacement Archimedes Screw type oil transfer pump.
The LAS is equipped with a warm water injection system to improve recovery in Arctic conditions.
The LAS represents a technical breakthrough in the development of equipment that provides an efficient and practical solution to recovery in Arctic conditions.


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 01A06-P2631)

Length, mm 1850
Width, mm 1414
Height, mm 2182
Weight, kg 870
Weight with pump, kg 950
Certified capacity, m³/h 125*
Free water content <5%
Hydraulic pressure, bar 150–200
Power requirement , kW 20–30

*Capacity related to pump selection

Preferred package solution