Lamor Built-In Oil Recovery System (LORS)

The LORS is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system. The system is suitable for medium size work boats and tugs with lengths varying from approx. 15 – 35 m as well as for large vessels ranging from 30 – 100 m. In addition to the skimming unit, the total LORS system typically consists of fixed or telescopic outrigger jib arms, sweeping booms with or without boom winder, oil transfer pump and control panel with or without radio remote control.
More than 1000 vessels around the world are equipped with Lamor advancing skimming systems. About 500 of these have been equipped with LORS systems. Most of the latest deliveries are fully hydraulic operated systems so no manual assembly and disassembly is required making deployment and retrieval faster and safer.
Deployment of the LORS makes the entire vessel an “oil slick processing system”. The patented LORS uses the vessel’s forward motion to deflect surface water and oil from the collection area, formed by the jib arm and sweep boom, into the recovery process. The flow of water carries oil through the recovery channel, where the oil is efficiently separated and removed from the flow with the brush skimmer.
The new generation Brush Conveyor Belt is a double acting skimming system for the LORS. The double acting brush conveyor belt can be rotated in both directions and has a double brush scraper that allows the two-way operation for all kinds of oils from light to the heaviest. Also to enhance the selectivity to separate oils, the unit has an adjustable back plate to control the flow when recovering light, medium or heavy viscous oils.
The rotating brushes collect oils of all types, including weathered bunker oil and emulsions, with very little water, making efficient use of on-board tankage. The brush skimmer system is unaffected by the type of floating debris normally found in an oil slick. The number of brush rows can be selected based on vessel size, operating condition and required capacity. Typically systems have between 2-6 rows, up to 10-row systems per side have been made.
The LORS system can be deployed and operated by a small crew very quickly. Simple and intuitive operation requires very little specialized training. When the system is not in use, it is stored below deck and is otherwise independent of the other functions of the vessel.
Please note the technical specifications show dimensions and figures for a single side system only, and are just examples of a wide range of LORS.


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 01C03)

Length, mm 2500–4500 3500–5000
Width, mm 1000 1500
Height, mm 2000 2000–3000
Weight, system kg 2500 3000
Power requirement skimmer only, kW 10 10
Certified capacity, m³/h 203* 260*
Free water content <5% <5%
Recovery speed 1 - 4 knots 1 - 4 knots
Hydraulic flow skimmer only, l/min 20-40 20-40
Hydraulic pressure, bar 210 210

*Capacity related to pump selection

Features & Benefits

  • Safe, fast and easy deployment
  • Operating speed up to 4 knots
  • Very high oil encounter rate
  • High recovery efficiency in all conditions
  • Effective in choppy waves without collecting excessive amounts of water
  • Recovery of all types of oils up to the highest viscous oils and emulsions
  • Excellent ice, debris and seaweed handling capability
  • Simple and reliable operation

Example Scope of Supply (one side)

  • Brush skimmer
  • Flow plate and rollers
  • Flow propeller
  • Sweep boom with end float (foam or air filled)
  • Sweep boom winder
  • Jib rigging arm (manual / fixed hydraulic / telescopic)
  • Control panel
  • Radio remote control, Ea ZONE1 if required
  • Oil transfer pump
  • Accessories (front rope, air blower etc.)
  • Design