Lamor Free Floating Skimmer (LFF) 100

The LFF100 is a very high capacity free-floating skimmer designed for open ocean oil recovery operations. The LFF100 is fitted with two V-chain pocket brush type conveyors for efficient collection of all types of floating oil from light to viscous oils and emulsions. Each brush chain conveyor consists of four brush chains.
The new generation Brush Conveyor Belt is a double acting skimming system for the LFF100 The double acting brush conveyor belt can be rotated in both directions and has a double brush scraper that allows the two-way operation for all oils. Also to enhance the selectivity to separate oils, the unit has an adjustable back plate to control the flow when recovering light, medium or heavy viscous oils.
The new skimmer design processes the oil on the water surface to the brush system for recovery. The brush conveyor system has two lengths of bristles, which by creating pockets to the conveyor belt recovers all kinds of oils also when large amounts of floating debris is present. The skimmer can operate in adverse weather and sea conditions without losing performance and collects less than 5 % free water making maximum use of valuable storage volume.
Recovered oil is offloaded by a high volume Lamor GTA pump with capacity of 115 or 140 m³/hr with more than 500.000 cSt oil. Tested and certified skimming capacity for 1 million cSt bitumen is 102,6 m³/h and for IFO 40 intermediate fuel oil 111 m³/h.
The skimmer is hydraulically operated and fitted with two thrusters to allow the operator to maneuver the skimmer to where the oil is most heavily concentrated. The skimmer is typically
radio remote controlled (both EX and non-EX).


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 01A03-P1825)

Length, mm 2290
Width, mm 2250
Height, mm 1946
Weight, kg 850
Weight with pump, kg 920*
Certified capacity, m³/h 405*
Free water content <5%
Hydraulic pressure, bar 210
Hydraulic thrusters, kW 2 x 13.5
Power requirement , kW 20–30

* Related to pump selection

Preferred package solution