Lamor Weir Skimmer (LWS) 1300

The free-floating offshore LWS 1300 is a high capacity weir skimmer designed for open ocean oil recovery operations.  It is equipped with a fully automatic floating weir to separate and collect the oil into the hopper. The self-adjusting weir gives the operator precise control of the skimming process and offers a high recovery capacity in all operating conditions.  The skimmer can be fitted with different kinds of off-loading pumps to enhance the recovery capacity all depending on the viscosity of the recovered oil. The skimmer head is designed to enable easy and swift change between the MSP 150 centrifugal screw pump and the GT A 115 positive displacement Archimedes screw pump.
The MSP 150 oil transfer pump is a high capacity unit that has been designed for efficient handling of viscous liquids, bulky solids and shear-sensitive liquids. The Lamor MSP 150 centrifugal screw pump is driven by an axial hydraulic motor and provides not only a powerful suction but also high discharge pressure. It is suitable for
operations in hazardous areas.
The skimmer is hydraulically operated and fitted with two thrusters to allow the operator to maneuver the skimmer to where oil is most heavily concentrated.  The radio-remote control can be operated from up to 200 m distance from the skimmer.


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 01A07-P2257)

LWS (w / brush adaptor) 1300
Length, mm 2650
Width, mm 2215
height, mm 1830
Weight, kg 240
Weight (incl. brush adaptor and pump), kg 720
Certified capacity, m³/h 360*
Hydraulic thrusters, kW 2x13,5
Hydraulic flow, l/min 35
Hydraulic pressure, bar 210
Power requirement, kW 13

* Capacity related to pump selection

Preferred package solution