Lamor Stiff Sweep Arm (LSS) 12m/15m

The LSS incorporates the proven stiff brush oil recovery technology and also optionally the weir skimmer as exchangeable modules. The design offers high performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations. With the LSS deployed, the entire vessel becomes an “oil slick processing system”. The forward motion of the vessel deflects surface water and oil from the collection area formed by the sweeping arm into the recovery process
in the apex formed by the sweeping arm and vessel hull. The flow leads the oil to the collection module which is equipped either by a Lamor 6 chain brush skimmer or a weir type skimmer and the oil transfer pump. The advantage of the brush assisted tiff sweep system is that the brush conveyor effectively separates the oil from the free flow water. The water content in recovered oil is less than 5%.
The conveyor belt is mounted in the apex of the Lamor Stiff Sweep. When the system is not in use it is stored on- deck allowing the vessel to be utilized for multiple other uses.


Technical Specifications

LSS 12 m 15 m
Length, mm 11860 15350
Width, mm 3232 3600
Height, mm 2120 2120
Weight, kg 4335 5390
Skimmer 6c 6c
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only), l/min 20 20
Hydraulic pressure, bar 210 210
Power requirement, kW 7 7
Free water content < 5% < 5%

Features & Benefits

  • Robust design. Fast Deployment.
  • Less than 5% free water content in collected oil with brush skimmer module.
  • Suitable for efficient collection of all types of oil.

Example Scope of Supply:

  • LSS
  • Skimmer module
  • GT A pump
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Oil transfer hoses
  • LPP power-pack (depending on pump)
  • Accessories
  • Dedicated two-point lifting crane.