Lamor Brush Adapter (LBA)

The LBA (patent pending) is a brush-type oil recovery module designed to fit quickly and easily onto the hopper of a weir skimmer. The purpose of the device is to improve the overall recovery efficiency, i.e. reduce free water recovered with oil, and to improve the performance in very high viscosity oils.
The LBA has four banks of brush wheels, which rotate downward into the oil layer creating a strong inflow. Oil recovery capacities of the brush adapters in 25 mm thick layer of medium oil viscosity exceed 240 m²/hr and are certified by Bureau Veritas.
The LBA brush banks are mounted within a sturdy aluminum frame with a center-lifting eye. The brushes are driven by two hydraulic motors, which are powered by a single hydraulic circuit.
The technical specifications for a brush adaptor suited for the LWS 800 are as follows:


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 01A08-P1850)

LBA 500 800
Length, mm 800 970
Width, mm 800 970
Height, mm 420 420
Weight, kg 46 60
Certified capacity, m³/h 180 240*
Free water collected, % <5 <5
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only), l/min 8 8
Hydraulic pressure, bar 170 170
Power requirement, kW 2.2 2.2

*Capacity related to pump selection

Preferred package solution