Lamor Multimax (LAM) 50

The LAM 50 is a stiff-brush conveyor belt-type oil skimmer designed to recover oil in fast flowing rivers, oil ponds, harbors or as an advancing side sweep skimmer. The conveyor belt consists of three stiff-brush-chains. The brush conveyor can be rotated in both directions and in addition to the patented double-action brush cleaner, it can be used in several operational modes to comply with stationary or advancing skimming in all oil types from light to extremely heavy viscous oils.
The oleophilic brush conveyor belt separates the oil from the water and lifts it to the specially designed brush cleaner from where the oil is directed to the oil transfer pump. The brush conveyor also brings up ice and debris mixed in the oil to the collection hopper. The collection hopper can also be supplied with heating for Arctic conditions.
During certified capacity tests, conducted by Bureau Veritas, a recovery rate of 51.2 m³/h was achieved.


Technical Specifications

(Prod. code # 01A13-P2873)

Length, mm 1215
Width, mm 1335
Height, mm 1100
Weight, kg 122
Weight, with pump, kg 170*
Certified capacity, m³/h 51.2*
Free water content <5%
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only), l/min 10–15
Hydraulic pressure, bar 60–150
Power requirement, kW 4

* Related to pump selection

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