Lamor Multi Skimmer (LMS)

The LMS is a flexible high capacity free-floating skimmer, which is designed with interchangeable brush, disc, and drum modules in a triangular configuration. The LMS can be equipped with three individual skimmer units or with a combination of all three.
The LMS works equally well for near shore, shallow water skimming as well as for open sea operations. Surface water and oil are drawn into the skimmer by the downward rotation of the skimming devices so oil adheres to the oleophilic surfaces, is separated and scraped into the collection sump.
The LMS recovery modules offer optimum efficiency in all oil types, including diesel, fresh crude, high viscosity bunker oil and emulsions, and collect virtually no free water. The brush modules are offered as standard since they offer the highest recovery capacity over the widest range of oils.


Technical Specifications

Length, mm 1565
Width, mm 1645
Height, mm 1224
Weight, kg 150
Weight, with pump, kg 199*
Draft, mm 500
Certified capacity, m³/h 150,6*
Free water content < 5%
Hydraulic flow (skimmer only), l/min 5
Hydraulic pressure, bar 70–150
Power requirement, kW 0.6-2.5

* Related to pump selection

Preferred package solution