Lamor Rock Cleaner (LRC)

The LRC is designed for oil recovery operations on rocky shorelines, in harbors, at oil terminals etc. It has an adjustable handle and can be carried with a harness in a comfortable ergonomic position. The LRC is an important tool in the Lamor beach cleaning concept and its recovery capacity in varying woil viscosities has been certified by Technical Specifications Bureau Veritas.
Compared to conventional methods, the LRC offers new possibilities thanks to the Lamor stiff-brush technology combined with its small size, making it possible to recover oil from the water as well as from land, concrete, asphalt, oil booms, etc. It is recommended to use the LRC with a Lamor Stone Catcher to protect the suction pump in use. The LRC can be connected to many different power sources, vacuum pumps or to a vacuum truck. The LRC can also be used for varying chemical clean-up operations since it is made in stainless steel and aluminum.


Technical Specifications

Length, mm 1500
Width, mm 400
Weight , kg 6.5
Certified capacity, m³/h 9.7*
Free water collected, % <5
Hydraulic flow
(skimmer only), l/min
Hydraulic pressure, bar 60–100
Power requirement, kW 0.3

*Capacity related to pump selection

Preferred package solution