Lamor Oil Spill Response Equipment (OSR)

Lamor offers single Oil Spill Response (OSR) equipment such as skimmers, booms, pumps etc., however, as part of its portfolio, customers can acquire fully compatible and efficient OSR equipment that complement and operate seamlessly together.

The OSR preferred equipment packages include a set of products that are tested, certified and recommended to work as one entity for the most effective, efficient and cost-effective oil recovery. Equipment package deliveries are backed up by commissioning, including extensive training in utilization and operation of the OSR equipment.

Moreover, Lamor offers the International Maritime Organization (IMO) OSR training levels 1 – 3. This training is fully accredited by the Nautical Institute in the UK in accordance with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) standards and the Department of Trade and Industry Oil Spill Response Training Guidelines. for the UK Offshore Industry.

Lamor is recognized and acknowledged as an international training provider since 2004, and the Lamor Response Team (LRT) has responded to numerous oil spills around the world in every type of terrain i.e. arctic, desert, jungle, off-shore, rivers etc.

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