Maintenance and Service

Lamor continues to check and service equipment supplied to ensure that it is in Oil Spill Response ready condition. In 2011, Lamor Corporation will launch a full turn-key maintenance program for after sales services. The maintenance program provides clients with:

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance Procedure for each product supplied by Lamor
  • Month/Quarterly/Annual work schedule
  • Individual serial codes for each product supplied by Lamor
  • Web based work orders
  • Simple data entry
  • Machine register
  • Spare Parts register
  • Failure Notice for unexpected equipment failures
  • Individual client folders, where the client has only access to their specific equipment

Lamor continues to invest heavily in research and development and strives to be at the forefront of the oil spill response and recovery business. Moreover, the company seeks to provide its clients the best solutions to tackle, contain and recover oil spill incidents.

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